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Cross the Line

Trekking Poles: Benefits not understood unless used
Trekking poles usually absorb a part of the impact that your body will normally sustain, especially while you are moving downhill. A study conducted in the Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that trekking poles reduce the compressive force on your knees by at least 25%. Thus, your body becomes lighter without a substantial amount of weight on your knees during hiking. Since you will be using your arms more when using trekking poles, there is a better energy distribution that increases your endurance.

The Tales of Thrill and Awesomeness

Sanjana Sivaram, a young school student from Mumbai, and already an avid hiker, recently went on the Dayara Bugyal Trek with her schoolmates. It was a remarkably memorable trip for this group of young school students.

Her account will give you a small peek into the wilderness, the beauty of the Himalayas, and above all, how fun and exciting it can be to explore the outdoors from an incredibly young age!

The Superman whose adventure conquests know no bounds

Currently the executive board member of UIAA, Berne, Switzerland, and co-founder of Reccy, Amit Chowdhury has so many feathers on his cap! An ace mountaineer, skier, paragliding pilot, sky diver, a former serving Wing Commander of the Indian Air Force and founder of several start-up ventures, and to top it all, recipient of the Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award from the President of India. Amit humbly acknowledged our request for an interview regarding his adventures and life experiences, because, to tell the truth, he is a passionate adventurer and mountaineer from the core of his heart and has some fascinating stories to share.

I can assure you one thing, for all the budding mountaineers and adventure enthusiasts out there, this fireside chat will rekindle all those lurking spirits in your bodies that always aim to reach the farthest summits and the remotest parts on earth.

Crunches: A must do exercise for your trek preparation
You can do crunches for easy to moderately difficult to highly difficult adventures. Crunches enable you to strengthen your core muscles and increase your fitness and flexibility. Since we use our core muscular strength during adventures like trekking, hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, via ferrata and others, doing crunches from 5-6 weeks prior to your adventure could prove to be helpful.


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